Where have you been?

I am currently working on a fan art poster for one of my favourite games and will update when I’m close to finishing it. You can check out my deviant art page ( http://marizu-sketchbook.deviantart.com/ ) in the next few weeks where I will most likely post teasers and/or my thought processes and how some of my finished works are created.

…and Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Ballon D’or!

Congratulations Mr Cristiano!

Made these two photoshop edits yesterday ( I am getting very rusty) couldnt post because it was too late. Anyway here you go! Feel free to download the picture to your phones, i tried cropping it to the best of my ability.

If I ever get on the Tumblr radar please take a screenshot, I beg of you.

Need to get on that Tumblr radar!

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"I have a dream today."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.